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35 Things to Do in Melbourne (Australia)

As the cultural capital of Australia, there are plenty of fun things to do in Melbourne!

Living in Melbourne for five months during my Australian working holiday, I fell in love with the place. If you are travelling to Victoria, then Melbourne is an absolute must-visit!

There are lots of places to visit in Melbourne.

If you are backpacking in Australia, you have to visit Melbourne! Not only is the city itself great, but you have places such as Wilson’s Promontory and the Great Ocean Road nearby. There are some great places to visit near Melbourne!

There are many reasons to visit Australia, and Melbourne is high on that list! With so many fun activities in Melbourne, it is a place that should be on everyone’s Australian backpacking itinerary!

If you’re wondering what to do in Melbourne during your trip, read on!

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35 Things To Do in Melbourne

1. Federation Square

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne CBD

Federation Square

Federation Square was only opened in 2002, which is surprising considering how central it is to Melbourne. Federation Square is a great place to meet up given its location in Melbourne’s city centre.

The square is home to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), both of which are worth checking out.

The big stage and screen are usually utilised to host free events such as live Australian Open matches on the big screen when the tournament is in town. To top it all off, for anyone who needs to go online, there is free wifi!

It’s a great place to relax in the summer if you don’t fancy the beach. Especially, as there are a few bars and cafes close by!

2. Royal Botanic Gardens

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne CBD

View of Eureka Skydeck from Botanical Gardens

Although not as good as the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide, Melbourne’s version is still worth checking out! There’s a wide variety of flora and fauna spread across 363 hectares (897 acres)!

The Botanic Gardens are a great place to go and explore if you want a day outside. It’s one of the more relaxing things to do in Melbourne, as there’s lots of space, so it never feels too crowded.

If you’re wondering what to do in Melbourne, a visit to the Botanic Gardens is a good idea.

It’s one of the best places to visit in the city, especially if you only spend 3 days in Melbourne!

3. Old Melbourne Gaol

Price: Adults – $28; Children – $15 | Location: Melbourne Centre

One of the top things to do in Melbourne Australia, the Old Melbourne Gaol is worth a visit if you’re a history lover.

As the name suggests, it was once a jail that has now been converted into a museum. It reveals a lot about the early history of Victoria and Melbourne and is one of the most fascinating historic sites in the city.

A good reason to visit the gaol is that it was the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly was hung for murder in 1880.

Kelly has become somewhat of a cult figure in recent years, and this is probably the best place to learn about his past! It’s one of the top things to see in Melbourne!

4. Victoria Market

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

The Victoria Market is a great place to visit if you want cheap food. It’s open five days a week during the day except for Monday and Wednesday, so you have lots of time to take out the fresh fruit and fresh produce!

However, where the market comes into its own is the night market! Every Wednesday from November to March in summer and June to August during the winter, the market opens at night!

You can sample an array of different delicacies while enjoying live music and entertainment. If you love food, then you have to check the night market out, as most of the stalls do some fantastic grub!

5. Shrine of Remembrance

Price: Gold coin donation | Location: Melbourne Centre

Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is one of the more introspective places to visit in Melbourne.

Built as a dedication to soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the First and Second World Wars, it’s an impressive and interesting place to visit.

As a history graduate, this was somewhere I was keen to visit. I learnt a lot about Australia’s role in the two global conflicts, something I was unaware of before I visited.

A must-visit in Melbourne if you’re a history buff like me!

6. Laneways

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

Graffiti in a laneway in Melbourne

One of the best and quirky things to see in Melbourne are the numerous laneways. These are old service lanes for horses and carts in Victorian days and have evolved into a place for street art and cafes.

The street art in some of the laneways is fantastic and exhibits Melbourne’s bohemian culture. Checking out the laneways is one of the top things to do in Melbourne!

Hosier Lane is perhaps the most famous of them all and is highlighted in the picture above.

There are lots of great little cafes and hidden bars to be found in the laneways, and exploring these places is a great way to spend a day!

7. Eat

Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise, so of all the things to do in Melbourne, this is an absolute must! You’ll understand why so many Melbourne quotes revolve around food when you try some of the places in the city!

As a result of immigration throughout the years, Melbourne has a rich and diverse choice of culinary options.

There is everything from Vietnamese to Lebanese in the city. You could probably find food from most cultures, such are the wealth of options.

Lygon Street in Melbourne is renowned for Italian food, while Sydney Road in Brunswick offers several cuisines including Afghan and Nepalese!

8. Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne CBD

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is the only museum dedicated to film in the country.

Housed at Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD, it details the history of film in Australian society. The ACMI has numerous exhibits that are constantly changing and offer insights into how film has affected life in Australia.

This is one of the best things to do in Melbourne, especially if you’re a film buff! The ACMI also has two cinemas, which play different films every so often!

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne CBD

The National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest, largest and most visited art museum in Australia!

Opened in 1861, it’s located in the Arts Precinct of Melbourne’s Southbank. If you’re a fan of art, a visit here is a must, as the NGV houses some great collections!

There’s an Australian collection, which details the history of Australian art from the Aboriginals to modern offerings.

There is also an international collection which has numerous paintings and sculptures from Europe, Asia and many other places!

If you’re a culture vulture, a trip to the NGV will be right up your street!

10. State Library of Victoria

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

state library of Victoria

You may wonder why I’m including a library on a list of cool things to do in Melbourne. Well, there’s a good reason for this!

The interior of the State Library of Victoria on Swanston Street is beautiful. The architecture is just incredible, especially the reading room!

The library also has several expositions throughout the year, which are always worth a look. Another bonus about the library is that you can use the wifi and computers free of charge.

If you’re looking for work in Melbourne, the library is a great place to head to make a CV or search for jobs!

11. Drink coffee

Melbourne is renowned for the quality of its coffee. So much so, it was voted as having the best coffee in the world by over one thousand users on Booking!

Coffee is so popular in Melbourne, that the city even hosts an annual coffee expo!

There are numerous coffee shops across the city. Wandering through the laneways, you will find several small coffee shops to get your fix at! 

Deciding where you can get the best coffee in Melbourne is not easy. My suggestion would be to try as many of the shops as you can and make up your mind!

With coffee so popular in the city, it’s hard to find somewhere that does bad coffee!

12. Crown Melbourne

Price: Free | Location: Southbank

Crown Melbourne

If you fancy a flutter while visiting Melbourne, going to the Crown Casino is a definite must!

It’s one of the most exciting things to do in Melbourne if you like a gamble!

As well as a Casino, the complex is a hotel and has numerous restaurants, bars and a cinema as well. It’s situated on the Southbank next to the Yarra River.

I’m not advising that you go and spend all your money at the casino, but it’s a great place to go if you fancy a change of pace in Melbourne!

13. Eureka Tower

Price: Adults – $25; Children – $16.50 | Location: Southbank

Eureka Tower

If you want a great view of Melbourne and the surrounding area, then a trip to the Eureka Tower will be right up your street!

The Eureka Tower has a Skydeck on the 88th floor, which is the highest public vantage point in a public building in the Southern Hemisphere.

The views from the top are great, and it’s a lot of fun trying to spot all the different landmarks in Melbourne!

The building, just off Collins Street, dominates the Melbourne skyline and is one of my favourite places to visit in the city!

14. Flinders Street Station

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne CBD

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is one of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne.

The station opposite Federation Square is a beautiful Victorian building! The facade is beautiful and it’s one place you have to visit in Melbourne! The inside is also beautiful and contains a few secrets as well!

The top floor houses a ballroom which has been closed for several years. However, you can visit as part of Open House Melbourne, if you’re lucky enough to receive a rare golden ticket!

Flinders Street Station is one of Melbourne’s attractions you have to visit!

15. Melbourne Park

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

If you love sports as much as I do, visiting Melbourne Park is an absolute must!

It was built in 1988 to host the Australian Open, which is a Tennis Grand Slam tournament. It includes the Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena and Hisense Arena.

Outside of the Australian Open, which is held in January, the area is used for music concerts as well. You can walk around here most of the year and take in the surroundings.

The best time to visit is during the Australian Open when Melbourne Park comes alive! If you love sports, this is one of the best reasons to visit Australia.

If that’s not an option, you can experience Melbourne Park courtesy of a Full-Day Sports Tour.

16. See Melbourne From a Hot Air Balloon

Price: $495 | Location: The sky 🙂

One of the unique ways to see Melbourne is from a hot air balloon!

These rides are very popular, and one of my friends did one while living in Melbourne and said that it was excellent!

However, they are expensive! You could end up paying over $400 per person to see Melbourne from a hot air balloon!

Of all the Melbourne attractions, this is one of the quirkiest. So I would only recommend it if you want to do it!

17. City Circle Tram

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

tram in melbourne

If you want to travel around Melbourne for free and see most of the sights, then the City Circle tram is for you!

The tram does a loop of the centre of the city, and you can hop on and hop off as you, please! The trams used are the old W-class models and are very photogenic!

If you’ve just arrived in Melbourne, taking the City Circle tram is a great way to get acquainted with the sights of the city!

You can also use the free tram zone, which encompasses Melbourne’s city centre to get around and see the city too. The trams are modern, but it’s still a great way to get about!

18. Bourke St Mall and Melbourne Central

Price: Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

There are plenty of places to go shopping in Melbourne’s Central Business District, but the best is perhaps Bourke Street Mall and Melbourne Central.

Despite the name, Bourke Street Mall is essentially just a street with many shops on it. However, that doesn’t detract from it in any way! It’s a great place to shop if that’s your thing!

Melbourne Central is more of a mall, as it occupies multiple levels and has a lot of shops. There’s a gym, and restaurants as well as the shops, so it’s worth checking out!

19. Immigration Museum

Price: Adults – $15; Children – Free | Location: Melbourne Centre

The Immigration Museum is the place to go if you want to find out more about how Melbourne came to be the cultural melting pot it is today.

The museum is located in the Old Customs House and details the history of immigration into Australia. There are several travelling exhibitions and workshops held throughout the year in the museum.

Melbourne is home to a variety of ethnicities and nationalities. It’s interesting to learn how and why all the various cultures came to be in the city and Australia.

The journey to Australia is an arduous one, even with luxury flights today. Learning about people who reached the continent hundreds of years ago is a fascinating and illuminating experience!

Outside The Centre

20. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Price: Adults – $25; Children – $14 | Location: Richmond

Inside the MCG

The MCG, or the G, as the locals refer to it, is a Mecca if you’re sports mad like me! It is the biggest stadium in Australia and home to the National Sporting Museum. Even if you’re not much of a sports fan, I recommend checking the MCG out.

It is an impressive stadium that can hold over 100,000 people and is even more impressive when it’s full. Be sure to check out an Aussie Rules or cricket match to experience this first-hand!

If you love sports as much as me, then this is one of the most fun things to do in Melbourne!

21. Penguin Parade

Price: Free | Location: St Kilda

The Penguin Parade is one of the best, and unique activities in Melbourne! It is probably not as widely known as it should be and is somewhat overshadowed by the highly advertised parade on Philip Island.

However, there is a colony of penguins living in St Kilda, and the best part is that you can see them 365 days a year!

Every day after sunset, the little penguins leave their home in the breakwater and head out to the beach! This is one of the best free activities you can do in Melbourne and is fun for the whole family!

If you’re spending a weekend in Melbourne, this is one activity I recommend you do.

You won’t regret it!

22. Albert Park

Price: Free | Location: South Melbourne

Albert Park

Albert Park is one of the underrated places to go in Melbourne. It’s very close to the centre of the city, which makes it an ideal place to go if you want to get away from the crowded centre!

As well as being a beautiful park, it also plays host to the Australian Grand Prix every March. Watching the F1 in Melbourne was one of the highlights of my year in Australia!

Its location and beautiful surroundings make Albert Park one of the best places to visit in Melbourne!

23. Carlton Gardens

Price: Free | Location: Carlton

Melbourne Museum

Visiting Carlton Gardens is one of the best things to do in Melbourne if you want to have a relaxing day!

Located within proximity to the centre of the city, the Carlton Gardens is a world heritage site that also houses the Royal Exhibition Building near the Melbourne Museum.

The Gardens are really beautiful and one of the best things to see in Melbourne. Don’t miss out if you visit Melbourne you won’t regret it!

24. Melbourne Museum

Price: Adults – $15; Children – Free | Location: Carlton Gardens

When I was looking at what to do in Melbourne, visiting the Melbourne Museum was high on my list.

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of museums, so I was eager to explore this one and see what they had.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed. It cost $20 to enter, and I didn’t feel like there was anything different from the museums that I had visited in Adelaide and Brisbane beforehand!

The museum is worth a visit, but it’s not an essential place to go when you visit Melbourne!

25. Brunswick Street

Price: Free | Location: Fitzroy, North Melbourne

Brunswick Street is an interesting street, that is a melting pot of all things weird and wonderful.

I lived near here, and I loved walking down the street to eat in one of the numerous restaurants and peer in the windows of the different shops along the street.

Even though I felt the street was very much a hipster place, it was still a great place to visit in the inner suburbs, especially if you are bohemian!

26. St Kilda

Price: Free | Location: St Kilda

St Kilda

If you want to head to the beach while you are in Melbourne, then St Kilda is the place to go.

If you are backpacking in Australia, the area is a haven for like-minded folk such as yourself, and it’s a different option to staying in the centre of the city.

There are lots of things to do here such as the penguin parade. Checking out Luna Park, an old-school amusement park is another must as well, as well as checking out St Kilda Pier.

However, if you simply want to relax on the beach, this is the place for you!

27. Cook’s Cottage

Price: Adults – $6.90; Children – $3.70 | Location: Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne

This choice is a bit quirky, but as a history geek, I had to include it as one of my cool things to do in Melbourne!

Cook’s cottage is the one that his parents lived in, and it is argued, Cook lived in it as well, in Yorkshire. You’re probably wondering what it is doing in Melbourne.

Well, in 1933, the cottage owner sold it for £800, and it was dismantled and shipped brick-by-brick to Melbourne! It was reconstructed in the Fitzroy Gardens, where it stands today.

It’s an interesting place to visit, and you’ll even learn a bit about the early settlement of Australia!

28. Melbourne Star

Price: Adults – $27; Children – $16.50 | Location: Docklands

Melbourne Star

Another way to get great views of Melbourne and its surroundings is to go on the Melbourne Star!

It’s a 120 m (394ft) Ferris wheel located in the Docklands area of the city. A ride takes 30 minutes, and you can see as far as the Dandenong Ranges, Mount Macedon and Arthur’s Seat! As well as providing some brilliant views of Port Phillip Bay!

It is a little pricey at $36 for an adult ticket, so I would only recommend doing this if you like the Ferris wheel or you want to see Melbourne from above!

29. Brighton Beach

Price: Free | Location: Brighton

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is one of the few beaches that’s not too far from the centre of the city.

Brighton is not as close to the centre of Melbourne as St Kilda, it’s 11 km away. However, it’s certainly worth a visit if you want to go to the beach during your Melbourne stay.

Dendy Street Beach is where 82 colourful bathing boxes are located. They are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne, and highly Instagramable!

If you want to get away from the centre for a bit, Brighton is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne!

30. Scienceworks

Price: Adults – $15; Children – Free | Location: Spotswood, Melbourne

If you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne with kids, visiting Scienceworks is a great idea!

This museum is home to a variety of intriguing science exhibits, workshops and events. In the museum, you can find a Planetarium and a “lightning room”, which is home to a giant Tesla coil capable of generating two million volts of electricity.

There is also an exhibit called Nitty Gritty Super City, which is a miniature metropolis that demonstrates how a city works.

Scienceworks is a fun place to visit for adults and children. You’re sure to have a great time should you decide to visit!

Further Afield in Victoria

31. Great Ocean Road

Price: Variable | Location: Southeast Victoria

Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road is one of the main tourist attractions in Melbourne despite being outside of the city! There’s a very good reason for this, as the sights are incredible.

The Twelve Apostles and The Grotto are breathtaking places to explore on a day trip from Melbourne!

If you want to get away from Melbourne for the day or weekend, you can do worse than driving the Great Ocean Road!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could do a Melbourne to Adelaide road trip as an extension of a visit to the Great Ocean Road!

32. Wilson’s Promontory

Price: Entry to the park is free | Location: Wilson’s Promontory, Gippsland

Whisky Bay

Although Wilson’s Promontory is a three-hour drive away from Melbourne, I had to include it on the list. Going to Wilson’s Prom was one of the best experiences of my time backpacking in Australia.

The natural beauty of the park is amazing, and many great hikes allow you to soak all this beauty in.

Even if you are only in Melbourne for a short time, I recommend going out of your way to visit the Prom, it is one of the best things to do in Melbourne, even if it’s not in the city!

The views are spectacular, and there are some of the best beaches in Australia here too!

33. Dandenong Ranges

Price: Free | Location: Dandenong

Mt Dandenong

The Dandenong Ranges are a great place to visit if you’re looking at doing a day trip from Melbourne.

The Ranges are about a 45-minute/1-hour drive away from the centre of Melbourne. The area is great if you love scenic drives, hiking and cycling. It’s a paradise for outdoors people!

There’s also the Puffing Billy Railway should you need a break from all the exercise! The Dandenong Ranges is one of the lesser-known places to visit in Victoria, but it’s fantastic regardless.

34. Phillip Island

Price: Variable | Location: Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island

If you’re looking for one of the best day trips from Melbourne, Phillip Island is the place to go. The island is a short hop from Melbourne with plenty of things to do!

The most popular activity is the Penguin Parade. Similar to the one in St Kilda, hundreds of little penguins crawl out from under rocks in the evening and make their way to the sea.

It’s an incredible sight and one you have to see if you go to Phillip Island!

As well as penguins, there is a huge wildlife park on the island with free-roaming animals. If you visit towards the end of October, you can watch the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix!

This is a must if you’re a sports fan. The sight of motorcycles blasting around the circuit is something to behold!

35. Yarra Valley

Price: Variable | Location: Yarra Valley, Melbourne

Yarra Valley
Photo Credit: MusikAnimal

If you’re a lover of wine, one of the best things in Melbourne you can do is take a trip to the Yarra Valley. This is where most of the wine produced in Vicotria comes from.

The good news is that it only takes an hour to drive to the Valley from the centre of Melbourne. This makes it one of the best day trips from Melbourne you can do in terms of ease of travel.

There are numerous wineries to choose from, and it may be a good idea to book a tour before you go, as it can get busy!

You shouldn’t miss out on the restaurants at the wineries either. They are among some of the most popular outside of Melbourne!

Where to stay in Melbourne

If you’re looking at where to stay in Melbourne, then you will no doubt realise that there are a lot of choices!

Whether you want to stay in a hostel or hotel, there is a lot of backpacker accommodation in Australia, and Melbourne is no exception! The good thing is, that there is something for everyone’s budget!

You can stay in cheap hostels, or you can stay in boutique hotels if you wish! There’s a wealth of hostels in Melbourne, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding something that suits you!

If you want to book a cheap hotel in Melbourne, check out the latest deals here!

If you’re travelling around Victoria on a budget, then staying in a hostel may be a good option. I stayed at several hostels in Melbourne and have listed some below.

Landing Pads BrunswickA great hostel in the hip neighbourhood of Brunswick. Great place to stay if you’re travelling solo and looking to meet others.
Selina Central MelbourneA nice hostel in the heart of the city that has great facilities including a big kitchen.
Nomads St KildaIf you want to stay by the beach in Melbourne, and at a lively hostel, this is the place to be.

Best Time to Visit Melbourne

Undoubtedly, the best time to visit Melbourne is during the summer months. This is from October to April, as the temperature is a lot warmer around 20 to 30 degrees.

However, it should be noted that summer in Melbourne can get extremely warm! It’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach and go above 40 degrees from December to February!

I experienced this heat when I was there and it was a struggle walking around at times!

It’s important to bear this in mind when considering the best time to visit Australia, as it’s true for the majority of the country as well!

Temperatures during winter are a lot cooler with 5 to 15 degrees the norm. That said, Melbourne is renowned for changeable weather and is known as a city with four seasons in one day!

Probably the best time to go to Melbourne is from September to October and March to April when the temperatures are not as warm as they are during the summer months!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do in Melbourne for free?

There are plenty of things to do in Melbourne for free. Except for the Melbourne Museum, the majority of the museums and art galleries in the city are free. You can also visit Fed Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens for free too!

Another option is to go on the City Circle tram around the Centre. You will get to see the majority of the city center this way and hop on and off when you want. It’s worth noting that travelling by tram is free inside Melbourne City centre!

What’s the best thing to do in Melbourne?

This depends on what you enjoy doing and the perspective of the person asking the question. From my perspective, one of the best Melbourne things to do is to visit the MCG. This is because I am a huge sports fan, and visiting the stadium is an incredible experience if you love sports!

With that said, there are lots of things in Melbourne that could be termed ‘the best.’ From beaches, museums and food, Melbourne has it all. It’s a matter of perspective as to what is the best thing to do in the city.

How do I spend a day in Melbourne?

My advice would be to spend as much of it walking around as you can. It would be a good idea to make use of the free trams within the city center to get around. This way you’ll be able to see more of the city.

If you only have limited time in Melbourne, I would advise you to check out Fed Square, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Park, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and a beach as the bare minimum for one day.

What is there to do in Melbourne at night?

There are a lot of things to do in Melbourne at night. Queen Victoria Market has a night market every Wednesday during the summer and from June to August during the winter. It’s a great place to go and check out the various delicacies on offer!

You could also head to the Melbourne Skydeck to catch some sunset views, or you could take a ride on the Melbourne Star. A visit to the Crown Casino is a good way to spend a night in Melbourne and see if your luck is in or not!

What can couples do in Melbourne?

There are lots of fun things to do in Melbourne for couples. One of the best is to go on a romantic date to one of the numerous cafes in Melbourne’s laneways. You could head to one of the beaches in Melbourne and take in the sunset!

Another option is to head to the Yarra Valley and do a tour of one of the numerous vineyards in the area. A more adventurous option is to drive along the Great Ocean Road and see some of the best sights in Australia!

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Akshay Koranne

Friday 4th of August 2017

Nice one Tom! I have been in Australia couple of years. Being a cricket fan, got an experience of MCG too specially world cup India vs Pak in 2015. Great Ocean Road is the only thing looks missing . The rest has been covered :-). Thanks for making those memories live. Nice pics too!


Friday 4th of August 2017

Thanks Akshay! The MCG was an incredible experience, I didn't realise just how big the stadium was! Great Ocean Road and you should definitely do it if you can get back to Melbourne!

Kevin Wagar

Monday 29th of May 2017

I've been dying to get to Melbourne to do the Great Ocean Road. I've got a lot of friends there, so it looks like I have a few things I can do in Melbourne proper as well!


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

It's a great place Kevin, I'm sure you'll love it! The Great Ocean Road is incredible as well!


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Hey , Tom enjoyed your posts which are informative !Might suggest you can increase your topic engagement if you can get some attractive photos, Cheers mate

That Girl's Life Stories

Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Nice list! I absolutely loved Melbourne in my recent trip. There are so many things happening there..just love it's vibe!


Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Thank you, ye Melbourne is great, I loved living there! Mainly, because as you say, there are so many things happening!

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