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Boracay travel guide 2

Boracay Travel Guide: The Island Jewel

This Boracay travel guide is the result of a marvellous four-day trip. You must visit Boracay if you’re backpacking the Philippines! It is the most widely known and perhaps premier destination (although I would disagree) in...

Manila Travel Guide 6

Manila Travel Guide:The Pearl of the Orient?

Visiting Manila is inevitable if you plan on travelling the Philippines. It’s the capital and main entry point into the country! At one point or another during your Philippines trip, you’re going to encounter this...

8 awesome reasons to visit Palawan 23

8 Awesome Reasons to Visit Palawan

As far as I’m concerned, you must visit Palawan. Here’s why: It’s the best of the numerous islands that make up the Philippines! I feel that it’s a microcosm of what makes the Philippines...


Cliff diving at Ariel’s Point

Cliff diving at Ariel’s Point was one of the best things I did while in the Philippines. I previously mentioned Ariel’s Point in my post on Boracay. It is one of my favourite places...