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things to do in Christchurch 0

17 Great Things to do in Christchurch

Despite the devastating earthquake that rocked the city a number of years ago, there’s still plenty of great things to do in Christchurch! Perhaps the best thing about visiting Christchurch is that the city...

backpacking Spain 0

Backpacking Spain: Your Essential Budget Guide

Backpacking Spain is something that I would highly recommend anyone does. Strictly speaking, I didn’t backpack Spain, as I was living there, but I did travel around a fair bit! One of the things that...

places to visit in Queensland 0

13 Awesome Places to Visit in Queensland

As far as I’m concerned: Queensland is one of the best states to visit while travelling Australia! There’s a diverse range of activities to do here. You can relax at incredible beaches, visit a...

things to do in Melbourne 7

30 Awesome Things to do in Melbourne

As the cultural capital of Australia, there’s plenty of things to do in Melbourne! Let me explain: Living in Melbourne for 5 months during my Australian working holiday, I ended up falling in love...

Manila Travel Guide 6

Manila Travel Guide:The Pearl of the Orient?

As far as I’m concerned: Visiting Manila is inevitable if you plan on travelling the Philippines. It’s the capital and main entry point into the country! At one point or another during your Philippines trip,...