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About Me

Welcome to The Travelling Tom

This website aims to be a helpful resource for people who love to travel. Whether that’s solo travel, city breaks, backpacking trips or road trips, you’ll find it all here. We have lots of useful itineraries for road trips such as driving from Perth to Darwin and city guides, such as 3 days in Barcelona, to help you get the most out of your travels!

We also have lots more guides on specific countries, packing lists, places to visit in regions and countries, day trips and lots of quotes that will inspire you to visit some great destinations and that you can use alongside your amazing photos on Instagram!

The goals of The Travelling Tom can be summed in the following four bullet points:

  • To inspire you to travel and get out of your comfort zone
  • To provide a useful resource to help you plan your trips
  • To answer any questions you might have about life on the road
  • To give you authentic and firsthand experience of amazing destinations around the globe

About Me

Me and Stan the T-Rex
I was very happy to see Stan the T-Rex at Te Papa Museum in Wellington!

Hey there, I’m Tom, from the UK and I love travelling! As you can probably tell by the picture here, I’m also a big fan of dinosaurs!

My first big trip was back in 2012 when I got a working holiday visa for Australia and spent a year in the country. This was the first time I’d ever travelled by myself and although I was excited I was also terrified!

I didn’t know what to expect and moving to the other side of the world by myself was daunting. That year ended up being one of the best of my life as I visited places I’d always wanted to see, met some great people who are still friends to this day and worked in one of the best jobs I’ve ever had at IKEA!

I enjoyed the experience so much, I ended up doing a working holiday in New Zealand too once my year in Australia was up! Again, it was an amazing experience and backpacking New Zealand and experiencing one of the most beautiful places on the planet for a year was magical!

three people standing outside in the snow in t-shirts and shorts
Not dressed for the conditions in NZ! Photo credit: John Fee

Once my year was up, me and two friends spent a month in the Philippines before I headed back to the UK in early 2015. However, I was only there for a while before I moved to Barcelona to teach English for two years. This was an experience that was a huge challenge, as I spoke no Spanish when I arrived.

Living in a country with a very different culture was a challenge, but one I enjoyed. Teaching English was fun and it’s a tough but rewarding job!

After that, I embarked on a few small trips around Europe before me and two friends bought a car and drove around Europe for six months in 2019. The goal was to climb as many of the highest points in each European country as possible.

Me in a Soviet car

While I only managed to climb half of them, my friend Adam managed to climb them all and broke the world record in the process! This was an amazing road trip that took us to some incredible places such as Estonia, Croatia and Albania. It also proved plenty of challenges such as border crossings and issues with the car!

After more than a decade of travelling around the world via car, train and plane, I’ve learnt a thing or two about travelling. I aim to share my experience with you so you can learn from my mistakes and learn all about the places you plan on visiting.

me and my friend Gareth posing in front of a fort in the Philippines
me and my friend Gareth posing in front of a fort in the Philippines

I started The Travelling Tom back in 2015 because I was disappointed at the lack of information about travelling in the Philippines. I thought I could provide a lot of value and help to others via my own experiences and this is reflected in the articles where I’ve tried to share as much of my own experience as possible!

There are a lot of things I wish I had known when I first set out, particularly regarding getting a job in Australia. So in a way, this blog came about as a way of putting this information out into the open, while also offering guides to cities and countries that I have been to.

Me at Neist Point
Fighting the cold on the Isle of Skye!

As someone who had travelled minimally up until I left in 2012, this blog will also try and encourage people to just go and travel. I honestly believe it is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can do.

One of my favourite quotes comes from The Hobbit, where Gandalf says to Bilbo:

“The world is not in your maps or your books, it is out there.”

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